Creating Enduring Style in your Home

Peppering your home with vintage and salvaged goods is a simple way to create that coveted enduring style…a style that is timeless, curated and an honest reflection of you.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with inexpensive, throw-away furniture—pieces that are meant to last merely 5-10 years—to take us from one trend to the next. (Just ask an upholsterer.) Certainly, there are seasons in your life when price and convenience are king. We’ve all been there; sometimes you just need to fill the space. What we’re seeing in consumer demand now, though, is a bend toward heirloom-quality pieces and a refined, historical influence.

Some of the most unique finds may be hidden in your grandparent’s attic, tucked away in a forgotten flea market corner, tagged at a nearby estate sale or even set out on a curb to await a new home. At Grae Studio, we cherish the hunt for age-old pieces, because oftentimes, the highest-quality items are those handmade by skilled craftsman decades ago. They have integrity, and they were designed to last.

Design can be effortless when you cultivate your space with thought and intention. You may find that inherited vanity of your mothers to make a perfect writing desk or assign new purpose to your grandfather’s old cigar boxes by turning them into lovely carriers for your pens and stationery. Perhaps some of your reimagined items have already gone through the voyage of life with you and await a fresh place in your home. Vintage goods can take center stage or add understated layers of depth and visual interest. They are an ode to the past while giving a hopeful nod to the future.

In our own homes and those of our clients, we strive for collected beauty. A blend of the old and the new. We seek out artistic detailing, striking lines, graphic patterns and sensual textures. It’s a proven formula that delivers refined, personalized interiors every time. Enjoy the journey and let your creative decorating be a friend along the way!
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